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New to Mary

Blue Dragon Table Lamp

Height - 44cm (including shade)

Singer Sewing Machine

Length - 50cm Height - 30cm Width - 22cm

Blue Picnic Set

Length - 50cm Width - 32cm

White Four Slice Toaster

Height - 18cm Length - 35cm

Wire Beaded Lizards

Large: Length - 16cm Small: Length - 15cm

Braun Two Slice Toaster

Height - 17cm Length - 25cm

Silver Two Slice Toaster

Height - 20cm Length - 28cm

Breville Cream Four Slice Toaster

Height - 20cm Length - 25cm

Elube Ceramic Candlestick

Height - 25cm

Aetiflex Camera


Numah Bowl

Diameter - 16cm

Retsam Lamp

Height - 40cm Two Available

Elzora Fruit/Salad Bowl

Diameter 30cm

Elzora Plate

Diameter - 21cm

Tunod Side Table

Height - 50cm Diameter - 40cm Two Available

Today Is Fun Storage Basket

Height - 37cm

Isno Floor Lamp

Height - 144cm

Cuba Maraca

Height - 26cm

Butterly Collection

Large: Length - 28cm Small: Diameter - 19cm

Collection of National Geographic Magazines

Large collection available.

Collection of Women's Magazines

We have a large selection of magazines available.

Collection of Men's Magazines

We have a large collection of men's magazines available.

Brass Fire Guard

Height - 68cm Width - 97cm

Large White Chess Piece

Height - 43cm. Also available in Grey.

Large Grey Chess Piece

Height - 46cm. Also available in White.

Large Spotty Dish

Height - 15cm Diameter - 31cm

Orla Bird Pot

Height - 15cm Diameter - 14cm

Steel Storage Box

Height - 21cm Length - 32cm Width - 25cm

Collection of Horse Brasses

Assorted designs available. Sizes vary.

Brass Flying Ducks

Length: Large - 22cm Medium - 18cm Small - 12cm

10 Gold Posts with Rope

We have 10 Gold posts available with your choice of black cord or red velvet rope.

Floristry and Plant Pots

Viewing encouraged!

Blue Tiger Vase

Height - 26cm

Tall Green Leaf Vase

Height - 30cm

Pastel Pink Vase

Height - 26cm

Floral Pink Jug

Height - 22cm

Assorted Colourful Tins

Height from: 12-14cm

Brushed Gold Bowl on Stand

Height - 15cm Diameter - 20cm

Copper Horn with Red Cord

Length - 73cm

Decorative Wooden Chicken

Height - 26cm

White Rest Plant Stand

Height - 18cm

Pink Pineapple Pot

Height - 25cm

Leafy Silver Table Lamp

Height (inc. shade) - 60cm

Large Pastel Pink Rope Basket

Height - 24cm Length - 43cm

Small Pink Rope Basket

Height - 18cm Length - 38cm

Black Maria

45cm x 37cm


41cm x 31cm


43cm x 33cm

Black Bull

43cm x 33cm


71cm x 55cm

Walking The Dog

43cm x 33cm


73cm x 53cm

Birds Of Benetton

40cm x 35cm

The Finishing Line

71cm x 51cm

Diving Board

55cm x 45cm

Haden Beige and Brown Kettle

Height - 23cm

Caged Birds

Height - 26cm Length - 30cm Width- 12cm

Decorative Embossing Stamp

Height - 30cm Length - 21cm

Large Steel Kettle

Height - 22cm Diameter - 25cm

Glen Navy Blue Kettle

Height - 23cm

Retro Pastel Pink Whisk

Length - 30cm

Large Steel Cooking Pot

Height - 20cm Diameter - 30cm

Old Spice Shaving Mug

Height - 7cm

Vintage Shaving Brush

Height - 10cm

Assorted Vintage Tins

Assorted vintage tins available. Sizes vary.

Assorted Bathroom Toiletries

Assorted Toiletries and Cosmetics Available.

Winter Scene Needlepoint

Length - 39 cm Width - 29cm

Horses Needlepoint Picture

Length - 67cm Width - 46cm

Beige Dog Ornament

Height - 11cm

White Dog Ornament

Height - 9.5cm

Westie Dog Ornament

Height - 16cm

Yorkie Dog Ornament

Height - 11cm Length - 18cm

Spaniel Dog Ornament

Height - 10cm

Jaw Bone

Length - 38cm

Pope Picture

19 x 24cm

Mary and Jesus Picture

17 x 22cm

Jesus Hologram Picture

17 x 21cm

Rosary Beads

Length - 47cm

Large Woven Pink and Green Storage Basket

Height - 36cm Diameter - 35cm

Small Woven Pink and Green Storage Basket

Height - 28cm Diameter - 33cm

Small Carpet Beater

Length - 60cm

Large Carpet Beater

Length - 69cm

Brown and White Dog Ornament

Height - 11cm

Red Prilect Iron with Tin

Iron: Length - 14cm Height - 8cm

Iron with Wood Handle

Length - 17cm Height - 12cm

Iron with Green Wooden Handle

Length - 15cm Height - 9cm

Wooden Weaving Shuttles

3 Available: Length from 38-48cm

Tin Clown Sign with Hooks

28 x 28cm

Hyacinth Burgundy Telephone

Height - 20cm

Vintage Garden Shears

2 Available: Length - 49-55cm

Novelty Red Lips Telephone

Length - 22cm Height - 12cm

Oxalis Gold Lantern

Height - 41cm

Vintage Prilect Electric Fire

36 x 27 x 17cm

African Wooden Animal Set

Various sizes

Black Rest Plant Stand

Height - 18cm

Brushed Gold Rest Plant Stand

Height - 18cm

Ringo White Tripod Lamp

Height - 58cm

Roses Copper Floor Lamp

Height - 155cm

Says Green Side Table

Height - 53cm Diameter - 45cm

Valent Crescent Vase

Height - 13cm