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Medium Conical Science Flask

Height - 19cm

Set of Three Conical Science Flasks

Large - 22cm Medium - 19cm Small - 11cm

Large Green Fordham Trunk

Height - 33cm Length - 77cm Width - 48cm

Drinks Fridge

72cm x 47cm x 53cm

Huxley Black And Orange Jug

Huxley Black And Yellow Jug

Cosworth Jug

Height - 23cm

Starke Jug

Height - 28cm

Golden Pagoda Bowl

Height - 10 cm Diameter - 17 cm

Miranda Dish

Height - 7 cm Diameter 9 cm Three Available

Kenitra Decorative Wooden Drawers

20 x 20 x 10

Rabat Decorative Wooden Drawers

19 x 20 x 10